Traditional Design Hand Made Copper Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, Greek Coffee Set,Espresso Set, Tea Set for Two - This beautiful handmade piece of art would make the perfect gift for any occasion. This coffee set, espresso set or tea set is 100% handmade in Turkey with the highest quality copper, brass (handles) and porcelaine, and all delicately hand painted. You can use this set in your kitchen, on your serving table, or simply as home decor pieces. This set contains a total of 12 pieces ( for the set of 2 people) includes 1 tray, 2 coffee cups with lids, 2 Saucers, 1 coffee pot, 2 white ceramic inner cups (removable), 1 sweet container with dome cover. Product origin is Turkey. Materials is high quality copper. This item is 100 % handmade, hand carved, hand painted.We have a lot of other different designs. 

Traditional Design Hand Made Copper Turkish Coffee Set & Espresso Set for Two

SKU: CS2-110
  • Product Specifications

    • Weight: 850gr / 1.9lb
    • Cup Volume: 50ml / 1.7oz
    • Cup Weight: 180gr / 0.4lb
    • Cup Height: 10cm / 3.9"
    • Cup Diameter: 5cm / 2"
    • Saucer Diameter: 10cm / 3.9"
    • Tray Diameter: 25cm / 9.8"
    • Pot Volume: 125ml / 4.2oz"
    • Pot Height: 12cm / 4.7"
    • Material Thickness: 0.7mm 
  • Return Policy

    The buyer has 15days after the day they received the item to return the item to us. Please contact to us before you initiate return for any order.